Everything you need to know about Granny Flats

Granny Flats

The livelihood of human beings has changed over time. Flats have become a new trend that is easier to own as well as manage. As a smart choice, granny flats are the most chosen by most of the population in Australia. A granny flat is primarily for the elderly couple, and they are located adjacent to a single-family home. One crucial feature of a granny flat is that it can be detached and attached to other dwellings. That makes it variable to be accommodative of ageing parents along with families. 

Another name for a granny flat is the accessory dwelling unit and even additional apartment because of its attachability. The average measurement is about 100 to 400 sq feet. Apart from the usage as elderly flat, this can be rented out. 

Available Amenities 

As we are aware, a granny flat is just a smaller version of a regular housing unit. There would be a complete kitchen with limited facilities and accessories. It would include a small fridge and microwave, and storage space. The primary aim is to accommodate one or two-person practically. The smaller the spaces, the lesser are the safety issues and other expenses. 

The amenities that can be attached to a granny flat is known as a granny pod. It mainly consists of high tech monitoring devices so that the elderly can be kept in check from anywhere. It can include an automatic medicine dispenser. 

Reasons to Add a Granny Flat 

The advantages of a granny flat are many, besides the facility for extra space. Some of them are based on security, shared transportation and even amenities as therefore reduced expense. The sharing of facilities include maintenance and even backyard care. 

Things to consider before investing in a Granny Flat

A granny flat is a pivotal investment, and there is a lot of responsibility attached to it. Before deciding to invest in the same, different things should be considered. It includes the type of builders to the measure of a granny flat that should be built. These include:

Builders experience

Every building needs experienced builders as its makers to make a difference. Therefore before confirming a builder, consider their experience in the building industry. It is also good to look into earlier customers’ suggestions to be sure that you have made the right choice. The builders should also support a trading contract to support the interests of the customers. The contracts ensure that the money and time of the customer are safe under every circumstance. 

Rent and Resale Value

Every building will be complete its beauty if it has good resale value in the future. Even though a granny flat is not that hard to build, there is still investment involved. The designs and other inclusions to the apartment take away a good amount of money, which needs to have safety and value in the future also. 


Even though a granny flat doesn’t cost much, some builders would add additional costs for their profit. Therefore, always go for builders who provide transparent pricing with itemised pricing for each section. The customer should consider that the builders should provide the flats in less than three weeks of approval. 


As a smart choice, granny flats can make a huge difference and give an impression of a bonded family.


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