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Many Australians cherish the dream of owning a home. But most have no clue of where to start or how. All they have is a dream and a few ideas. Choosing between a home in the bustling Brisbane and a serene bayside residence by searching for houses for sale in Redland Bay sounds like a tough choice to make. What aspects should one look for in a home, and if one had that in mind, would it do a great deal in helping to look for that home? 

So here are some essential criteria to consider.

  • It’s all about the Location: It is no wonder that location takes first place on the list. It affects a person’s way of living and quality of lifestyle. Locational preferences are mostly subjective, and people prefer locations based on factors like:
  • Personal likes and dislikes:- These are preferences governed by interests, whether someone is a mountain lover or a beach fan. It determines the degree of satisfaction to a great extent. Unless someone likes the place where their home is, it is hard to feel content. 
  • Place of work:- Whether or not the location is accessible for the work commute is a matter of great importance. Even if their area is favourable, if the commute is unnecessarily long, one might end up wasting time and energy. 
  • Neighbourhood: The significance of this aspect in determining overall satisfaction is immense. One should ensure that the community one lives in matches their compatibility levels. 
  • Access to essentials: Look for the proximity of institutions such as hospitals, offices, parks, and schools. 

One can make modifications to the interiors at any time. But the location and the quality of the neighbourhood cannot change frequently. So choose wisely and be proactive. The level of traffic, permission to house pets, access to public transportation are other factors that count while selecting a house. 


The site means the exact spot where a house is situated. It is integral to enjoy the desired experience in one’s home. Ask oneself the following questions each time while scouting a home.

  • Does the home have a nice view of lakes, beaches, or the ocean?
  • Is it a hill-top home?
  • Does the home have a basement (walkout preferably)?
  • The number of stairs. If there are elders in the home, too many stairs might be a cause for concern. 
  • What is the level of proximity of neighbouring buildings?
  • Do the windows of neighbouring buildings face the home directly?
  • Is the yard conducive for gardening?
  • Is the driveway elevation ideal?
  • Is the property constructed in a safe environment, and is it user-friendly?


Deciding on the requirements beforehand is better while looking for a home that serves the purpose. Select and deselect ideas based on their practicality. If one plans to stay single currently, a three-bedroom house is not a necessity. 

If someone needs to spend most of their at-home horse working, it is better to select a home that can house a comfortable office setting. The interiors should also complement the lifestyle of the buyer. For example, if one works from home, and they would like to have a stunning view. Then they should look for houses for sale in Redland bay because this locale offers an idyllic living situation.


Make sure one likes the look of a home before making other decisions. The exterior determines the overall appeal of a home. Whether one prefers the classic victorian style or a modern one, decide by weighing one’s priorities. 


A home is the final realisation of a dream. Check each aspect and compare it against one’s preferences. 


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