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Working from home is the new normal that most people are accustomed to today. Frequent online zoom meetings can cause a lot of stress, accompanied by discomfort, which could be due to uncomfortable clothing. Good quality loungewear will allow them to not only be cosy and comfortable but also helps them attend meetings with enthusiasm by improving overall productivity as it raises their feel-good factor. Studies have actually shown that people who dress up are more inclined to be successful with their tasks than those who do not. 

Due to restrictions imposed on offices and other work environments because of COVID, people’s work has now moved into their personal spaces, their homes. Hence, dressing up can be cumbersome for them due to a lifestyle change, but good leisure wear will allow them to achieve their ideal meeting look without putting in much effort. This article will allow readers to assess the benefits of investing in quality home clothing by stating points to help them decide.

How quality home-clothing has changed the work-from-home scenario for many: 

The pandemic has made many people lazy and unwilling to change from their pyjamas and wear appropriate work attire to start their day on a productive note. It has affected how they perform in their career. Loungewear has changed the game for them as they offer the same comfort as pyjamas. It allows individuals to feel like they are changing into fitting attire, remaining cosy throughout their work hours. The following are benefits of investing in snug clothing that look incredible:

  • Comfort like no other: Being too hot or too cold is something that can affect an individual’s mood, in turn affecting their prolificacy. The middle ground to body temperature is offered by well made high-quality lounge/home wear that keeps people adequately warm, simultaneously offering good air circulation during hot summers. Thus, loungewear makes the best clothing while working from home or simply spending quality time with the family.
  • They are multifunctional: These clothing items come in various styles, colours and fabrics, making them ideal must-have wardrobe essentials. They can be actually worn at home to lounge in for pleasure and simultaneously can also be worn as a casual outfit for a date night or a simple brunch when styled with appropriate accessories. There is, in fact, no need to spend a fortune on luxurious branded clothing to attain maximum style quotient, which can be easily achieved with the help of these simple yet classy lounge/home wear.  
  • Accessibility and ethics: Quality clothing especially, to lounge in, comes expensive when seen in showrooms and stores of big brands. They charge an extra fee for the name of the brand instead of the quality and fit. That is certainly not the case with ethical brands, for example, Peppermayo, who manufacture clothing and comfortable home wear, following ethical processes. They also ensure that these clothes are not only accessible to people but also rated at a price promising luxurious quality and a long lifespan. 

Easy maintenance: Maintaining certain types of clothing requires a lot of time and effort, which is not the case when it comes to comfortable lounge clothing. The ease with which people can actually own and maintain these clothing items make them ideal travel companions. If these clothes get dirty or stained, rinse them under cold water first, then throw them into the washer, as simple as that! These clothes are for the most part bleed-resistant unless made from natural dyes. They can be actually stored away in a drawer or wardrobe easily with minimum effort.


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