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If you are keen to be as smooth as a dolphin or want to target specific areas that always grow back quicker, you might be considering laser hair removal. 

Laser hair removal is a simple procedure that removes hair follicles from the root. The treatment requires a course of several sessions to be fully effective, with the results being visible for potentially years. 

Depending on the area you are looking to treat, the process can be a little painful – particularly in more sensitive areas. That said, if you find shaving a painful and tedious task, laser removal could totally be worth it. 

So, how do you prepare for your appointments and what should you do after treatment? 

Well, that is what we are going to discuss in today’s article. 

Before treatment

Check reviews

Before starting your treatment, take a look online at reviews for the best laser hair removal clinicians in your area. As there is an element of sensitivity and pain involved in the process, you want to make sure you are using a trusted clinic with great reviews. 

Avoid tanning 

A lot of people look at laser hair removal as the perfect pre-holiday treatment, as there is nothing less relaxing than finding hairs on your bikini line while sitting by the pool… 

If you are prone to tanning or use sun beds before heading on holiday, you should avoid doing so before laser hair removal. The lasers used within the procedure are drawn towards darker pigments. This usually means they are drawn to hair follicles, but if your skin is darker than normal, it will be more difficult to detect the hair. 


Unlike waxing, which usually requires you to lay off the razor for a few weeks prior, laser hair removal is the opposite. As the lasers are working to remove the follicle underneath the skin, the surface should be hair free. 

Do not wax 

If you are used to waxing, you will still be able to do the treatment about two weeks after your last session. It is recommended you avoid waxing near to the procedure as this typically rips out the follicle which the laser is trying to detect. 

After treatment 

The results of the treatment will not be visible immediately. It will take a few days or weeks for the follicles to shed. 

Avoid hot showers

While we all love a steaming hot shower, it is best to avoid these for a few days after the procedure. This will help to prevent any irritation and protect the skin. 

Do not forget your SPF

Make sure to lather up on sun cream whenever you leave the house. Again, this will help protect the skin from the sun while it heals. 

Book your next appointment 

Different skin and hair types will require different amounts of treatments. But generally speaking, after your initial procedure you will need few more to see the full results. It is recommended that you book a second appointment within 4-6 weeks, to keep in line with your hair’s growth cycle.To find out what to expect in the procedure, check out the Mayo Clinic’s official information.


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