Common Toilet Plumbing Concerns that You Should Know

Toilet Plumbing

One of the most bothersome issues related to plumbing is clogs or an improperly draining toilet. Aside from the hassles that it may cause, it is also impractical to leave such issues unresolved since it may add-on to your water utility bill. Thus, it is only essential that you know the common reasons behind the problems and issues concerning plumbing. 

Clogged Toilets

It is annoying to experience a clogged toilet as it may consume your time and effort to unclog it. However, the problem itself is not only centred on this concern. A blocked toilet may have been caused by an underlying problem like a pipe leak which may add to your monthly water bill expense. Additionally, foreign objects and human waste may also cause most toilets to become lodged in with much pressure that water cannot drain properly. Fixing it using a plunger may prove beneficial in solving minor clogs. However, if the clogging persists, it is best to consult professional plumbing services. 

Faulty Valves

One of the most common reasons the toilet tends to be blocked and water keeps on flushing on its own is due to the faulty valve component. A defective valve or a flapper part can cause your blocked toilet to constantly flush on its own even if you are not pressing the drain button. If you happen to notice that your toilet bowl keeps on refilling by itself and the water keeps on flushing, then you should have the valve inside the toilet tank checked by a plumber and see if there is a faulty valve component. It will not only save you from the future inconvenience of having a blocked toilet, but it can also help you save some money.


A leaking water bolt may also cause several problems that may warrant the consultation of a licensed plumber. Checking for the bottom of the toilet tank for the presence of a leak may also give you a hint that there may be a worn-out component of the tank that needs to be replaced or tightened.

Poorly Insulated Tank 

A poorly insulated tank may cause water to spill around the floor and may also add to your monthly water bill. Consequently, the toilet tank’s impacted parts may cause cold air to exert effort on the component, which will then condense the water to accumulate. Hence, the entailing consequence of not having an insulated liner to cover up for the tank may lead to water spillage. It is best advised to have a plumber check your tank.

A Clog in the Sewer Line

A blocked toilet may not only indicate problems related to some of the tank’s component, but it may also point out an even bigger problem such as a clog in the sewer line. Several problems may lead to a clog in the sewer line, and it is best to have a professional plumber check it for the presence of broken pipes or clogged foreign objects. Ideally, it is recommended to solve these issues as fast as possible to avoid adverse effects on your health.


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