Code Names for Sleepy Spies


    Code names are the perfect way to keep your identity a secret. With so many people in this world, you have to be careful not to let anyone know who you really are! Here is a list of some code names for spies that can help them stay undercover on their missions.

    Daredevil: a spy who takes on heavy risks in order to complete their mission.

    Bamboo: someone who can make themselves look so unimportant that nobody pays attention to them.

    Everest: an agent of high intelligence and charisma, they’re able to take charge and lead others into battle without any difficulty.

    Houdini: the best decoys are often masters at disguise, this is for spies with unique skills like these!

    Icarus: it’s not just people who need to be careful about getting caught, sometimes you also have equipment or weapons used during missions that must be concealed well! These agents use technology (or magic!) while on undercover assignments as well as a way of disguising themselves.

    Kitty: a spy who’s small and sneaky, able to fit into any hidden spaces that others can’t go in.

    Robin Hood- this is for spies who steal from one side/agency and give the loot to another! This isn’t always illegal either, sometimes they are stealing sensitive information or hacking confidential files which could be used by both sides of an agency at once (or against them!)

    Porcupine: agents with high levels of paranoia. They have weapons on hand at all time just waiting for trouble so they’re never caught off guard when it comes knocking.

    To clarify how these code names work as cover identities, let’s break down some examples given by CIA espionage expert Jason Matthews

    Kitty: people with the right skills can be trained to do all sorts of things- including activities that are both illegal and legal. A spy who is small, sneaky and acrobatic could steal anything from a secret file on government corruption to an enemy military installation!

    They might trade secrets between countries in exchange for money or information about other governments’ policies which would be useful when it comes to spying.

    Porcupine: this type of agent has weapons hidden throughout their homes just waiting for trouble. Porcupines never go anywhere without some form of protection whether its guns, knives, pepper spray etc .

    Spy Code Names:

    Agent Tiger: they’re brave, daring and intimidating not to mention strong. In order to keep their identity secret, Agent Tigers have a code name for everyone in the office so that even if someone at work were to see them on TV or read about them somewhere it wouldn’t be obvious who they are. These agents can do all sorts of things from carrying out dangerous missions around the world like assassinating dictatorships’ leaders to “normal” life spy tasks such as buying information from informants or hacking into government systems!

    Robin Hood: these agents work for themselves as well as their agency they’re working for at once or against them. They might trade secrets between countries in exchange for money.

    Cool Spy Code Names:

    • Wise
    • Dark
    • Angry
    • White
    • African
    • Red
    • Silver
    • Fast
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Brave
    • Strong
    • Speedy
    • Brave
    • Spotty
    • Neon
    • Hungry
    • Silent
    • Dizzy
    • Crazy
    • Glowing
    • Neon
    • Mega
    • Visible
    • White
    • Red
    • Fast
    • Cheerful
    • Silver
    • Clear
    • Cool
    • Royal
    • Silk
    • Cosmic
    • Fearless


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