Choosing the best led recessed light for your home

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There are a lot of options to choose from when buying a led recessed light whether online or from the store.

There are generally 6 specifications to consider when deciding which light to use. 

The six common specifications are: 

  1. Size

led recessed lights are available in sizes ranging from 2-6 inches. The most common size available and used in homes are 4inches. 

First thing to consider is match the size with any pre existing recessed lights installed in your house.  If not, you can consider the next approach which is the kind of lighting you want for the specific area of your house i.e kitchen, bathroom, living room etc. 

These lights are versatile and can be used in different places for different reasons. You can use bigger sizes for general lighting and smaller sizes for task lighting and accent lighting. 

Lastly, calculate the area of the space you want to install recessed lighting at.because it will decide how many recessed lights you might need to illuminate the room properly with no disruptions or irregularity. 

  1. Type

Check the type of ceiling the lights will be fixed in. 

If the ceiling is flat, then use fixed recessed lights for general and task lighting. If you want to cast any certain affects then use adjustable recessed lights. 

If the ceiling is sloped, then use adjustable or downlights according to your requirement. 

  1. Colour 

Colour output is different from the brightness of the bulb. It is the appearance of the white light. Correlated color temperature (CCT) is measured in Kelvins (K). usually the colour temperatures are ranging from 2500- 5000K. Which can be warm white at 2700K,soft white at 3000K and daylight at 4000K and above. 

Choose the colour temperature according to your comfort or what you find feasible in your house. The usual range is from 2700K to 3100K for residential spaces.

  1. Brightness

As compared to other bulb typed brightness of led recessed lights are measured in lumens unlike watts for incandescent lamps. an LED bulb of a certain wattage has more brightness than an incandescent bulb of the same wattage. Some LEDs are more efficient than others and therefore use less watts to produce the same or more lumens.

600 lumens can be used for general lighting on standard height ceilings, and at least 900 lumens for tall ceilings.

  1. Quality of light

The quality of light produced is heavily dependent on the light’s ability to impart colours. Color rendering index (CRI) is the measurement of a light’s ability to display colors accurately in comparison to an ideal or natural light source. LEDs offer this amazing benefit of imparting the intended colour when illuminating the room or an object as it operates above 80 CRI which means using LEDs with a high CRI will let you cast your desirable colours which will help you set up the desirable colour theme. 

  1. Beam angle

 A beam angle decides where the light can be most concentrated, which is usually 50% or greater. Most of the led recessed lights have varying beam angles based on the design of their trim especially when the lens is not very recessed into the fixture. This feature is great for spreading or directing light generally or towards a certain angle you might want to consider recessed lights with adjustable beam angles in order to minimise glare when seated towards that direction. 


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