6 Books About bridgerton wedding You Should Read


The bridgerton wedding is a beautiful, rustic, and timeless wedding at the Bridgerton wedding chapel in Michigan. The bride and groom are wearing all white, both the bride and groom are standing by the railing, and the bride and groom are holding hands.

And then the couple is about to kiss. Then the bride’s dad reaches out to grab the hand of the bride and the bride’s mom reaches out to grab the hand of the groom and then they walk down the aisle.

The only catch with the Bridgerton wedding is that it’s entirely secluded from the rest of the world. But then, that’s the point. It’s seclusion because so much of the wedding is the two of them alone. The church is secluded because it’s a beautiful church – I know because it’s where I married my wife 25 years ago. That’s seclusion.

The wedding is secluded because it’s so secluded that it’s almost entirely secluded.

Its seclusion because there are no people. The only people there are the bride and groom and their wedding photographer who will be there to document the event. So the only people in the whole wedding are the bride and groom and the photographer. This is seclusion.

And here it is: The Bridgerton wedding.

If you have any doubts that this is a wedding secluded in an arse-of-the-earth church, just take a look at the wedding video that the bride and groom have uploaded to YouTube. Its stunning and serene and secluded. And guess what – its also the first wedding video I’ve watched that didn’t involve a wedding ring on the bride’s finger.

You can bet me that if Bridgerton had a wedding ring on her finger she would use it.

Bridgerton’s video is very self-aware. She clearly knows what she wants, but she can’t quite find it. While she and her husband are secluded in a church, she has a very public Twitter account and a very public blog. So she takes the chance to post her video. But she’s not the only person on Twitter she’s been invited to. Her husband is also part of Twitter.

One of the things that makes a wedding video so powerful is the ability to be self-aware. Its not just about the moment when the bride and groom get down on one knee and kiss. It is about the way the video is used by the couple. Bridgertons video is great because it tells us that its part of the wedding ceremony, but it also creates the impression that its the couple that are the ones in control.


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