Best Fabrics for Mens Boxer Briefs

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Purchasing underwear for men such as boxer briefs can be quite challenging, as all the products look pretty much the same, and one cannot try out innerwear at a store. Yet, it is essential to find the right set of briefs. The best boxer briefs not only provide comfort and room to breathe where required, but they look and feel great and are quite durable. 

While purchasing boxer briefs, you have to keep in mind that the fabric matters. Cheap fabrics often leave you feeling uncomfortable, and you do not really want to be adjusting your innerwear in public. Thus, it would be best if you stuck with a light and airy material and something that does not stick or cling to your skin due to heat. This article takes you through the best fabrics for mens boxer briefs that will help you choose the right set of innerwear.

The Different Options Available in Boxer Briefs

. Cotton Boxer Briefs

One of the most common fabrics available in mens boxer briefs is cotton. This fabric is breathable, natural, soft, and lightweight. The underwear for men has very small pores that enable good respiration, thus providing a comfortable feeling. Cotton innerwear also endure detergents, heat, and bleach very well. 

. Nylon Boxer Briefs

Nylon is an excellent alternative to cotton meant for those who cannot manage cotton fabric for prolonged periods (for example: while exercising). Nylon retains the fabric’s color; thus, boxer briefs in this material can last over the years. This fabric is perfect for both men who work out and also those who don’t. This excellent choice of underwear for men works in all types of weather and conditions.

. Modal Boxer Briefs

Modal fabric provides an extremely soft feeling to the skin. Also, if nylon is not the right choice for you, then this fabric works wonders. Do note that modal boxer briefs are not ideal for working out as this fabric cannot provide ample support; however, they work great under jeans or suit pants. 

. Polyester Boxer Briefs

Polyester is a breathable and thin fabric and one of the most popular choices in the gents’ underwear manufacturing industry due to its amazing properties. This fabric provides excellent support and can be compared to cotton on various levels; however, polyester is much thinner than cotton fabric. This fabric for underwear for men is an ideal choice under tight pants and jeans as it sticks quite close to the body, but maybe it gets a little uncomfortable for men who sweat more since polyester does not have the absorbing properties of cotton.

. Silk Boxer Briefs

Silk is the most elegant fabric for boxer briefs, and it is excellent for those with delicate and sensitive skin types. This fabric does not provide a lot of support; however, for men who are not seeking significant levels of support, this fabric is an ideal choice. This cooling fabric is the perfect choice in mens underwear boxer briefs on hot summer days.

. Mesh Boxer Briefs

The mesh fabric is an excellent choice for sports-oriented activities. This fabric is light and highly breathable and helps with evenly distributing the body heat. Thus, your pants feel light and cool even after a heavy cardio session. Mesh boxer briefs are a popular choice in underwear for men these days.

. Elastane Boxer Briefs

The elastane fabric is made of polyurethane and is also known as Spandex and Lycra. This fabric enables full-body movement by decreasing material resistance. Elastane is not considered an environmentally friendly fabric due to the unsafe and non-organic solvents used in the manufacturing of this fabric.


So, we are sure that now you know all about the best fabrics available in boxer briefs. It is your style, choice, and the kind of activity you are into that matter while you are selecting innerwear. However, the all-time favorite underwear for men is cotton, and nylon is the best alternative to cotton. The third-best choice has to be polyester.

No matter what fabric you decide to select, you need to be conscious about your hygiene and follow the basic hygiene protocol. Measure yourself accurately, and only then should you purchase your innerwear. It is also very easy to shop from the comfort of your home these days, as all you have to do is search for mens underwear online, and you will be displayed with a variety of styles in innerwear for men.



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