All the advantages of IT Outsourcing

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The outsourcing involves contracting an external company, through a specific outsourcing contract (IT service outsourcing), all or part of IT services. In the outsourcing services market, there are several providers specializing in outsourcing IT services. In Saudi Arabic, more and more economic players are using this solution. IT outsourcing applies to both traditional businesses and online businesses. The evolution of technology means that computer tools are more and more complex. The good management of these tools requires, above all as regards companies, an increasing number of specialized personnel and costly investments. The IT outsourcing has thus naturally been extended to more structured companies wishing to streamline and concentrate or reduce capital and resources.

IT outsourcing, what services?

The services offered by the various service providers under an IT outsourcing contract may vary from one company to another. Generally, companies subscribe to personalized IT support packages. They are based on the specific needs of the company or online business, its size, the scope of its IT Park and of courses its sector of activity. Generally, several activities and services are provided for in an IT outsourcing contract: Analysis and implementation of procedures, Remote assistance system, PC installations, workstations and local networks, Support and data protection products, Database design and administration, Cyber ​​security, Take control of the information system. These services may vary from one contract to another depending on the specific needs of each structure. Techniclic offers IT assistance and maintenance packages that are perfectly suited to each business need. Discover our IT assistance packages and associated services!

The benefits of outsourcing IT support

Outsourcing your IT support has several advantages. Obviously, the transfer of IT services outside the company does not only mean faster problem solving: the benefits are innumerable and also and above all concern an intelligent allocation of company resources, both in economic terms and personnel terms.

• Reduction of fixed costs

To be profitable, a traditional business or an online business does not have to be based on an idea only to make money. A profitable business must also optimize its costs and charges. An outsourced IT service first of all means real savings on certain fixed costs. It will no longer be necessary to invest in infrastructure and specialized personnel, as the company will benefit from the know-how of the chosen partner.

Eliminate downtime and hidden costs

As a general rule, a well-functioning IT department does not require special maintenance, so it may happen that the staff in charge remains inactive for certain periods. And this, whether it is an online business or a traditional business. This does not happen in the case of outsourcing because you are paying for a service and not for each individual component.

• Continuous assistance

By entering into an outsourcing contract with a specialized company, you can count on technicians who offer you continuous assistance for any need or problem that may arise unexpectedly within your company or your online business.

• Trained staff and certifications

Companies that offer IT outsourcing services generally invest a lot in training their staff and obtaining certifications for specific tools or technologies, so that they are always ready for market needs, even with new obligations. 

• Scalability

What is IT Outsourcing? Service follows the business as it grows. Instead of facing unexpected investments, it will suffice to update the contract with additional services or integrate new technological infrastructures. Opting for outsourcing makes it possible from the moment to create an online business or a company to make it evolve more easily and at a lower cost.

• Risk reduction and disaster recovery

A serious company that offers IT outsourcing services almost certainly has protocols to counter existing cyber-attacks. Advanced firewalls, multi-factor authentication, access control are fundamental characteristics in choosing an IT partner. Likewise, using hyper converged structures that enable rapid disaster recovery from malfunctions or widespread attacks can reset or at least dramatically reduce downtime. Despite appearances, this applies to online businesses as well as traditional businesses. This type of service is all the more important after the entry into force of the GDPR. It is not tolerable for any company to lose sensitive internal data or its customers. Not having an IT structure allowing protection at an adequate level is absolutely not recommended. Moreover, IT outsourcing makes it easy for you to solve these risks.

IT outsourcing: an agile tool for growing companiesIn the event of difficulty in the management of specialized personnel and technological infrastructures, an evaluation analysis should be carried out with a reliable partner in order to determine to what extent (total or partial) entrust the IT management to an external company and which services to include. . This will make it possible to define from the outset all the costs and specifics of the outsourcing contract. Plus, it’s a great solution for start-ups or for businesses that don’t have a size that justifies their own in-house IT department. At Techinclic, our outsourcing proposition, based on client needs, can only provide some of the specific activities (e.g. basic software maintenance, repair of computer hardware, repair hardware, remote IT support) up to and including all IT infrastructure best web design Sydney agency and management operations.


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