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Each board is constructed differently, from the material used to the form and flex pattern to the overall size. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the kind of snowboard to use. It’s all a matter of personal choice and riding style, as well as your height, weight, and other factors.

Snowboards are selected by professional snowboarders depending on the kind of riding and terrain they will be doing. Those looking for their first snowboard would want to consider getting one that’s approximately as high as the bridge of their mouth on the nose!

Snowboard Types

Only Mountain

The most common kind of snowboard is an all-mountain snowboard, which is built to function well in all conditions, whether it’s powder, pistes, or lumps and bumps. The all-mountain is popular among snowboarders because of its adaptability; it’s also perfect for newbies. A versatile snowboard is a wise investment if you’re only going to purchase one.

When it comes to an all-mountain board, it has a directional shape, with the tip being distinct from the tail. If you compare the tip and tail, the tip is wider, shorter, and flatter. So the all-mountain board’s posture is generally more balanced towards the tail because of this. Despite its directional design, it’s possible to ride it backwards with the tail facing the way you’re going.


Freestyle snowboards are small, light, and flexible and are primarily used at parks and halfpipes to do tricks. They have poor edge grip and cannot carve corners and move at high speeds because of their instability.

Twin-tip or directional-twin snowboards are popular among freestylers. It has a centred stance and asymmetrical tip and tail form. As a result of this design, even new riders will have an easier time moving forward and backwards on it. However, the directional twin is identical in appearance to the twin tip, except for the tail, which is stiffer.


Alpine terrain is narrower than all-mountain and freestyle terrain and is designed for downhill riding and carving rather than doing stunts. High speed and neatly cut bends are the goals of the long, thin, and rigid design. You should choose an alpine if you want rapid edge turns and stability for speed aboard.

In contrast to all-mountain and freestyle, which have shovels on both ends, alpine is symmetrical and asymmetrical. The design dictates that the alpine may only be ridden in one way at a time.

Added Snowboard Functions

The bottom curves of a snowboard are referred to as the camber. When a rider’s weight bends the camber, it applies and releases downward pressure, resulting in constant snow contact and exciting turns. The classic camber was a gentle curving rise from the tip and tail contact locations with an apex at the half until the reverse camber was added.

Standard Camber

There are several sorts of cambers, each with varying edge contact and snow pressure levels, which affect how a board turns, pops, and feels under your feet. Depending on riding style and terrain, the bottom curves and shapes change how the shoe performs.

Camber is flat

A flat camber surface makes it possible to make swift turns with optimum sensation while also enhancing floatation.

When It Comes To Reverse Camber And Rocker

Thanks to the rocker and reverse camber, the shape is great for powder, jibbing, and rails. 

Camber is a mix of the two and is referred to as modified camber

More and more manufacturers are using a hybrid or modified camber to suit certain performance features.


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All about Snowboards

Each board is constructed differently, from the material used to the form and flex pattern to the overall size. There is no...

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