A Guide to Incontinence Disposable Inserts

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Bodily fluids can be disastrous to manage and clean. However, with advancements in society, disposable incontinence inserts provide an easy solution. Navigating through such times can be difficult and embarrassing, and finding the best product suited to one’s needs is not easy. Worry not, because this guide covers disposable inserts, the different types and their features. 

These inserts are single-use absorbent linings. They help in absorbing urine and either stick onto underwear or wrap around the body. Different sizes and styles serve varying purposes, and this guide can help one find the insert best suited for their needs. For many adults, incontinence products help in maintaining dignity and hygiene. These aspects make it essential for one to choose the right product. 

Types of Incontinence Products

Adhesive Pads

These single-use linings stick onto the underwear and absorb any leaks. Each lining is suited to different needs. There are ones for overnight use and others that vary in size. Ultimately, these pads fall under two categories – those for women and others for men. 

Urinary incontinence products serve one purpose – the absorbance and retention of urine. However, they have different designs varying in absorbency areas. For men, the front region of the lining is thicker, whereas the bottom is for women. Their style also varies by taking different underwear shapes for both. 

Slip Inlays

These rectangular pads are usable with typical adhesive pads. They add to the absorbency and are perfect for emergencies. Many people on the go struggle with ensuring that leaks remain within control. These add on slip inlays help them by providing a safety net for incontinence products.

Brief Style 

As many age, comfort and stability become a priority. While loose clothes usually accompany such products, they are a foolproof choice for those looking for reliable disposable inserts. 

What to Look for While Purchasing Incontinence Products


The design of disposable incontinence products caters to different needs, varying according to one’s activity. Depending on one’s age, movement and activity levels differ. For those with less active lifestyles, products with long-term usage slip prevention and extra moisture-wicking are crucial. For relatively more active people, thin pads are the go-to since frequent changing will not be challenging. 


For most people, incontinence is not a constant issue. While some deal with it long-term, others only encounter it while laughing or sneezing. Understanding the severity of incontinence is the first step to choosing the right product. Most pads have varying volume capacities for absorbance, and choosing one suitable to the volume of leakage provides the most comfortable solution.

Proper Fit

While incontinence products absorb and retain liquid, there can be accidents. Pads are known to slip out of place, and in such situations, they can be disastrous. Typical pads are rectangular, but others provide more support by being sculpted to stay in position. Understanding one’s fit is essential to determine which style suits one best. 


While using incontinence products, undergarments need to be the right size. Small undergarments may not provide coverage where needed, and oversized ones leave gaps near the thighs and crotch, leading to leakage. 

Moisture-Wicking and Odour Control

Any liquid absorbing liner can leave one feeling sticky and wet. This sensation is far from comfortable, and the moisture can also lead to odour generation. Moisture-wicking liners can help one feel comfortable, and the best ones can even feel like nothing.


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