8 Workout Tips for Those New to the Gym


It’s great that you have finally decided to hit a gym after all these years. Being and remaining fit not just helps you feel better, it also improves your career prospects. When you turn up in your office fresh and looking great, people can’t help but listening to you with more attention. 

Before you hit your gym, please consider these eight workout tips. 

Consult your doctor

Do speak with your doctor before you start pumping iron at your gym. They will advise you on which exercises are suitable for you. If you are pregnant, your doctor will tell you which exercises to do and which ones to avoid. Accident survivors, and people who are just of their surgery should also consult their doctors. 


Don’t start lifting weights as soon as you enter the gym. Start by first warming up with a few light exercises. You may like to run a few miles before starting weights. Don’t go to a park for that jog; the treadmills in your gym are enough. Get fit with CLUB4Fitness, so you don’t have to go out on those rainy days.


Don’t forget to drink water while exercising. Various studies have indicated that drinking water while doing push-ups, etc., helps your body recover faster and replenish what you lose through sweating so you don’t get dehydrated. 

Dress comfortably

While it’s perfectly okay to look glamorous while exercising, be sure that your clothing is comfortable. It should neither be too loose nor be tight. Also, dress appropriately according to the season if you are planning on exercising outside, though if you are doing all of your activity indoors, it does not matter so much.

Set your own pace

Everybody has a different body structure and limits. The person standing next to you in the gym has a different ability than yours, and their exercise needs will also be different. This means that they might be doing something that is too easy for you – so you don’t get the benefit of a good workout, or too difficult – and you might injure yourself.

Take Frequent Breaks

Don’t over-exert yourself; relax! While it is good to hear your heartbeat, it is even better to slow down and let the body recover from exercise-induced stress. Don’t stretch your body beyond a limit; else, you will sprain your bone, tendon, or ligament. 

Build up the tempo

Don’t rush into things too quickly; take your time understanding the gym equipment. If you are into weights, start with the lowest weights, and then move ahead gradually. Don’t push yourself into things because it might cause you a serious disability. 

Listen to music 

Have fun while exercising by listening to some wonderful music. If you have a mobile phone, use earphones, so you don’t disturb others. Make sure the volume is good enough for your ears without being too damaging – you should also be able to hear if there are any alarms or sirens going off to alert you to dangers around you.


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