7 gifts to gift on seven days of valentines week

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Women have a reputation of having high expectations with their partner. It’s only because in the initial day’s men don’t fail to surprise and pamper their girls every minute of every day. But later this fire calms, and it’s all about the everyday routines. If your wife too has some complaints on similar lines, we are here to resolve them once and for all. That can be done by giving her such a grand Valentine’s day that throughout the year every time something goes wrong, it’s enough to make up for it. And with concentrated thinking and detailed research through web and social media, we have drafted out a plan for valentine day gifts for her that will melt her heart like a pudding. And the fire of love will stay ignited for infinite times. Well, with everything your partner does for you in such subtle expressive ways, thinking that you find done but don’t know-how, your girl deserves some praise. 

For the cupid of love, your girl, here are some presents lined up for the whole week that includes presents, activities and emotions to convey. 

  • A trip to the outskirts

Living in the house every day at one point, it gets mundane. You need a getaway even after just some regular working days, and the feeling of the weekend you know it’s priceless. Gift her a similar feeling for the whole week by taking her out to mountains or rivers where you can both calm, relax and boost yourselves for the future endeavours. It can be to places like Delhi, Agra, Chandigarh or Manali; it’s snowing. 

  • A date like foodies

If you and your partner are big foodies and like to eat wholesome food filling both stomach and heart, this option is for you. You won’t need the consent of your partner for this; they will be overly happy to do it themselves. You can go to fancy restaurant books for the timing of your meal, and you can order in every hour with a new food item and without having to step out in the crowd. 

  • A self-written poem

What women want and love the most is an authentic, heartfelt gesture front their partners. It may take an extra outward effect, but it’s time you try writing her a note, a diary, a poem or a message on paper with a pen. It has to be penned down and original writing. Observing you for all these years, your girl will be quick to know who has written on this piece of their heart. 

  • An open mic 

This one is the best and the most differentiated idea for something to do together on Valentine’s day. Google places that are acclaimed with open mic scenarios, where stand up comedians, bathroom singers, and casual proposals happen quite often. You can have a fun time with your girl as well by taking her there, and if you gather the courage, you may propose to them openly or just say a few words of love. 

  • An explosion box

A very different gift option for Valentine’s day once again. An explosion box is a bunch of 3d boxes put together that open up in rotations and have images on all sides of all those mini boxes. It’s a number of flat sheets or boxes that are curled up together, bound perfectly but still have free moments. You can make it for your partner, or you can get it online by sharing your photos with them. If you have never tried something like this, you must try it this time. 

  • A couple’s watch

Have you ever seen people wearing watches that look similar but also have some astounding features? A couple’s watch is a similar one; it has features like writing notes, calling, sending a message, etc. The most interesting feature is that you can buzz each other with it and send signals as per your mood. Not just this, you can even send the signals from a distance. 

  • A shining pendant

The last option that by the way can go complimentary with any and all of your presents is a pendant. It can be a small one with a heart or her name or date of birth or date of an anniversary. You can get it gold plated or silver plates with some studded diamonds. If you can afford it and are in the mood for such an expression, you can gift them a gold pendant that way they know it’s true worth. 


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