7 Easy Rules Of Custom Made Toupee.

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1) Get your hair cut in a style that suits you- This allows for the most accurate and true to life toupée you could find.
2) Have a stylist work on creating the custom toupée- They will curl, straighten, wave, even dye it and assure no one can tell it’s not your own hair!
3) Have a toupeee stylist do an overall check up to ensure everything is perfect before installation- This sets a standard for high quality service.
4) Don’t over spend- It’s like buying a car, getting a custom made toupee is an investment. Paying between $8,000 and $10,000 for the highest quality will assure you long lasting satisfaction.
5) Make sure the hair matches your own hair texture- This begins with your stylist making sure to take into account everything from your hair color down to the thickness of each strand.
6) Be sure you intend on wearing this toupée for a while and possibly permanently even after treatment- It’s a frugal decision to make a big purchase that lasts when it comes to getting your custom toupée.
7) Feel free to order more toupée units for your home or office- They come in many colors and styles that are all wearable and real looking.
Let’s take a look at some examples to give you an idea of what to expect for your custom toupée:
Do you need a real looking toupee?
If you want a real looking toupée, we recommend you select from the following options. It’s simple, and like any investment, will last long. Simply make your decision based on price, image quality and other factors that may be important to you and please don’t hesitate to send us your thoughts!
Your choice – if you see something you like, just click on the image.

The Realistic Toupee-

This is one of our most popular models. It has a realistic looking skin tone and features a medium hairline, full mustache, ‘clean’ hairline and is available in many colors: black, red, brown and blonde for all the services you may need.
The most detailed toupeees- Featuring extremely realistic looking skin tones, features like full mustaches, a ‘clean’ hairline and many more options. 
All custom colors are available for just $299! The pictures below show an example of one of our custom color choices…
You get to choose from 8 different colors in this option.
The $1,499 model features a skin tone that is very similar to the Realistic Toupee. It has both the clean hairline and a great looking mustache. It has almost limitless color options ranging from blonde, brown, and black to virtually any color combination you could possible imagine!
The $4,499 option is modeled after an African American. It is available in one of over 12 different skin tones including: white, gray, black and several other options.

The Beard Toupee-

Almost every man has a beard. And it’s definitely one of the most desired features for a toupee unit.  It can also be the hardest to get right with your custom toupée! The first step in getting your perfect beard toupee is determining what color ‘air brushed’ look you’re going for. This will determine what hairline you want as well as all other features, including color.


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