6 Amazing Things You Can Do on Your Smartphone


From enormous bricks capable of little other than point-to-point communication all the way to half-inch computers capable of streaming high-speed internet anywhere in the world, phones have come a long way in an incredibly short period of time, and despite their ubiquity, it can be easy to forget just how versatile they are. With that in mind, here are a handful of the more interesting and useful capabilities that your phone possesses that you probably take for granted.

1. Communicate

First and foremost, your phone allows you to communicate instantly with anyone whose number you know regardless of where in the world they are, as long as they have a cell signal, you can talk.

2. Search Anything

The internet itself is a remarkable thing, and having easy and direct access to it through your phone essentially means that you have constant and unhindered access to an enormous wealth of knowledge whenever and wherever you wish. Whether you’re looking up a point to win an argument or save a life, your phone connects you to a variety of information beyond what any single person could ever hope to know.

3. Get Directions

Built-in location tracking on your phone means that it is almost impossible to become lost while you have your phone with you, simply open up your internet and have your phone direct you to wherever you need to go. Not only is this feature incredibly useful when it comes to finding your way home, you can also use it to find your way around any place without needing any prior knowledge of the location, which makes it an ideal tool for holidaymakers.

4. Entertainment

Gone are the days of staring vacantly out of a window on long journeys, wasting away in the noisy silence of your mind, because nowadays, almost every mobile device has access to an incredibly broad range of entertainment options. From video games and movies to books and puzzles, your phone offers you an incredible range of entertainment, even without internet access. So, plug on in, and while away the empty hours as you travel, just remember to look out the window every now and again to see the sights.

5. Visit Your Doctor

That’s right, the versatility of mobile communication stretches even to phone-based appointments with medical professionals, such as Reliant, who offer direct, remote access to their treatment providers. This means that you can engage in important consultations without the need to leave your home when unwell, which allows for a much more comfortable consultation experience.

6. Organize Your Calendar with A VA

Potentially the most Sci-Fi use of all, you can use voice commands to have your phone organize a variety of functions on your phone, from playing music to setting dates in your calendar. The emergence of Virtual Assistant technology on mobile devices has given them an enormous boost in terms of both wow factor and versatility of usage. Hands-free voice-driven operation of your phone is now a very possible and effective way to make use of your device even when using your hands for something else.


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