5 Fashion Tips to Make You Look Feminine Yet Sharp

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Edith Head, a multi-awarded costume designer, once said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” And there’s no denying the truth in her words, especially when it pertains to women.

Women can be feminine. They can be powerful, too. And they can be both at the same time if they set their minds to it. But more importantly, when women dress the part, they can achieve the sense of confidence that only comes with power dressing. Thankfully, women’s clothes, like maje dresses, are uniquely tailored for today’s women. With outfits that can showcase your femininity and highlight your strengths, you can definitely achieve anything you desire.

And you can opt for the graceful look while still oozing authority, all at once. 

With the help of the following fashion tips, you can achieve this look effortlessly, and you’ll feel great wearing it, too.

  • Power suit with style

While suits were originally made to be worn by men, it is now suited for both sexes. When worn, suits exude success. Thus, women who wear it emanate not only accomplishment but also power and authority.

But you don’t always have to wear boring suits that make you look drab. There are stylish suit jackets and matching trousers tailored for women that make you look sharp and ready to take on the world.

So, when you want to look feminine yet powerful, wear a suit that shows off your curves and compliments your body, or a bright, bold coloured one with a little embellishment.

  • Blazer over a fitted ensemble 

Wearing something that fits your body like a glove is a sure way to look sexy and feminine. But if you want to elevate your look into something that speaks power, donning a blazer is the best way to do it.

Whether you want to go casual with an oversized blazer or formal with a classic suit jacket, wearing it over a fitted blouse and skirt or dress is the way to achieve it.

  • Leather or denim jacket and a flowy dress

Nothing looks more feminine than a soft flowy dress. It represents things like grace, modesty and romance. 

But you can always go a step above by throwing a leather or denim jacket over your dress. Leather and denim are considered strong and durable materials, qualities that cross over to those wearing them.

Hence, you look girly with your dress but tough with your jacket. 

  • Long, bold skirt suit

If there’s a suit, there’s also a skirt suit, and it looks professional and powerful when worn by women. Pair this strong piece of clothing with a feminine top, such as an off-shoulder blouse or a sleeveless shirt with finely embroidered details.

  • Killer shoes to match

Whether it’s killer heels or sneakers, you can instantly change your vibe into something tougher and bolder. The key to achieving this look is matching your footwear with your clothes without looking tacky. 

For example, a comfortable dress can be paired with sneakers minus other accessories, or a formal top and black fitted pants can be matched with sheriff boots. And don’t ignore the heels, too. They can make any outfit look chic and impressive.

No matter what you wear, it’s important that you feel comfortable. But comfort, style and power can still come together. And contemporary brands like maje dresses can give you the sense of inner strength that you always seek to embody.

When you wear clothes specially made for the woman you are, from chic dresses to flowy florals, you achieve an undeniably feminine impression. Top it off with a stylish jacket or killer shoes, and you add a touch of power to your OOTD. Thus, you’re both cool and collected yet a fiercely independent human being.

Now that you know how to carry off looking graceful yet powerful, start donning the clothes that reflect who you truly are. Because when you dress the part, you can surely do what you’re here to do!


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