4 Compelling Reasons Business Should Have Facility Management Services

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Facility managers have an insight into the opportunities and inefficiencies of workplaces. Part of their facility management services is examining the most significant benefits of good facilities and make a workplace run at optimum efficiency.

Tracking and management of assets

Assets tracking and budgeting via spreadsheet is complicated.

For example, you might need to determine the cost of maintaining a copy machine. The following is an example of how you need to figure this out before modern platforms such as enterprise asset management or EAM came into use:

  • Check out annual maintenance logs
  • Compare the maintenance log to the invoice
  • Review supplier purchase orders 

In this example, you are required to have three spreadsheets or documents to file through. All these to find out the yearly operating cost of one asset, which is a copy machine.

Currently, there is a better way to perform this task. Utilising an EAM platform, top-down asset management is now effortless and efficient. Repairs, maintenance, as well as other costs are coded to specific cost centres. The system provides swift insight regardless of what is being measured.

Optimisation of spaces

Your lease may be over 4000 ft.², but how much of that are you utilising? One of the top advantages of facility management services is knowing precisely what you are getting for your money and how to make the most out of it.

For example, if you are only utilising 3000 ft.², you are wasting 1000 ft.². Facility managers can check data to figure out two things. One, space not being utilised and what it can be used for. Facility management outlines the best way to recoup costs per square foot and capitalise on them for optimal revenue.

The opposite situation must also be considered. Suppose you are utilising a 4000 ft.² of business space, and the walls are already closing in. Must you upgrade to a larger area or reorganise your current floor plan? Again, data from facilities management will show you the best option. Adapting to a new floor plan or more flexible workspace may help you save thousands of dollars per month. But it will give you the optimum capacity you require, all without having to upgrade your total square footage.

Physical workplaces are your single most considerable overhead cost. Maximising the value makes your facilities cost-effective and provides a competitive advantage.

Record system

Your facilities need to evolve as time passes. Because of this, a system of record is critical in meeting these changing demands. Tracking cost, trends, and changes over time is one of the top benefits of facility management systems. You must examine data spanning hundreds to keep track of such information such as the following:

  • Space occupancy growth over the years
  • Employee locations and assigned workstations
  • Asset costing and life cycles
  • cost of utility
  • Repair of buildings and capital improvement costs

This portion of data represents the changing needs of the workplace and those of the people who utilise it. Understanding the change over the years helps with everything from setting the budget to an analysis of productivity and real estate forecasting. Data that is well managed is critical in making predictions.

Analysis of cost

Cost is central to all things in the workplace. Finding out the cost of something or what recurring cost your company will face is critical. But these amounts will be far from the total cost of operating a business. Facility management analysis provides critical insight into the real cost of keeping your workplace smoothly running.

For instance, knowing how much space you are using effectively in contrast to the cost of leasing will show you the real cost of each square footage. From that point, you can find out other factors such as the cost per desk instead of usage. Insights will also be discovered when you’re looking at costs and their contribution to the business.

Understanding and examining workplace data cost drives effective business strategies, so you will know how much you spend yearly on utilities. You will be able to strategise expenses cost when the time comes to get a more spacious office. You also know how to budget properly on areas such as IT service for the year.


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