3 Tips To Make The Right Choice With Rifle Scopes

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Rifles have been the go-to weapon choice when it comes to hunting game animals! It’s because rifles are shoulder guns, easy to handle and offer the most comprehensive accuracy out of all other weapons. Also, rifle guns come in versatile sizes to shoot both small and large game species. You might need some external fixtures to quickly know where the rifle is set towards and comprehend target settings. With that, rifle scopes are significant optical sighting devices and multiply the magnification anywhere from 1 to 50 folds. With modern advancements, today, one can even find youth rifles that suit children and are semi-automatic! 

Knowing how to start

Hunting game animals is a popular sport among Australians. A supporting survey from 2017 says that around 35.1 million Australian dollars had been spent on hunting in Sydney. And more recreational hunters are entering the market. However, if this is your first take with scopes, understand each rifle demands a specific optical sighting device. Also, you might have to look for sellers who sell mounting fixtures along with the gunsight so that the installation can happen without any fuss. For accurate mounting, you might need mounting rings with an exact inner diameter so that the scope can fit inside precisely. 

Factors to consider

When buying gunsight devices, one would come across various product specs like magnification, power, lens type, etc. However, beginners can find these terms confusing or arduous to comprehend the values. Undeniably, these are the ultimate factors to consider if you want to buy optic sighting devices. Here is a list of three significant factors to consider,

1. Magnification

The first spec you would notice with scopes is the magnification. You would find numbers like 7x or 3-9x which indicates the magnification power of the scope lens. Understanding the magnification power is pretty simple. If a scope has 4x magnification, it can bring the target image four times closer than the naked eye. The number before the x indicates the intensity of magnification. However, the tricky part is knowing what magnification you need. Unlike the common misconception that says, buy the maximum magnification, the power depends on your needs. 

Buying a 9x gun scope can be of no use if you are into small stalking games because you don’t need one. Scopes with a magnification power between 1 and 4 can work well for target shooting within 100 yards. However, an increasing intensity from 4 and beyond best suits target shooting within bigger premises(200 yds and further). 

2. Power unit

Not all rifle scopes come with the same magnification power and, this fact may lead to chaos. To begin with, you can find copes with two different types of magnification power- they have either one of these. The first type is fixed-power which means that the scope uses a single magnification. On the flip side, gunsights with variable power use more than one magnification. 

Differentiating between these two sets of powers is pretty simple. If you find a scope saying 3x, the three before the x is a single figure- it’s fixed-power. However, a gun scope with 3-9x power indicates it has multiple magnification systems. It means that the gunsight can magnify anywhere between 3x and 9x, so it has variable power. Gun scopes with variable -power are the go-to choice because they can serve multiple purposes in a single unit. 

3. Lens size and coating

Riflescopes with too many objective lenses can draw more reflection onto the eyepiece, which might nullify accuracy. The lens size depends on the range of hunting and your scope’s power. Lower these values, lower the lens size you need and vice versa. When it comes to lens coating, multiple choices indicate the different number of layers. The thumb rule is that multi-coated lenses keep away glare and focus light better! Other advanced choices include fully-coated, fully multi-coated, etc. 


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