10 of the main causes of back and neck pain

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Many studies indicate various spa therapies benefit the human body on a physiological level, far beyond the relaxation engendered by visiting a spa. By...
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Many studies indicate various spa therapies benefit the human body on a physiological level, far beyond the relaxation engendered by visiting a spa. By developing a deeper understanding of the health benefits and applications of spa therapies, a massage therapist can choose to offer spa-type services to clients in order to improve both outcomes and income.

A massage therapist does not need to work in a spa to provide clients a spa-like experience; however, in order to offer the spa add-ons described in this article, a massage therapist must obtain in-depth continuing education in spa techniques.

Spas do have the advantage of space, professional resources, equipment and personal instruction to provide guests services to help regain balance, change lifestyle habits and enhance their lives; however, with education and adapted protocols, massage therapists can enhance sessions with such spa techniques as hydrotherapy; cold-mitt friction; salt, sugar or herbal scrubs; infrared light and sauna; and cold-sheet, mud, clay, seaweed and herbal wraps.


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