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Fildena and Cenforce 150 are the two most extensively recommended generic meds for ED treatment. They are cheap and are available at the online stores too. When you come across the Fildena reviews, you will get through 10 important things that you might or might not know. Hence, get through them now – 

  1. ED is not similar to other sexual disorders 

The Fildena reviews state that ED, although referred to as a sexual disablement, is much different from all other ailments of such kind. Here there is no touch of sexuality whatsoever. Rather, it is related to the blood circulation process in your body. Erection is availed out of the extensive blood supply at the genitals. Hence, for whatsoever reason, the blood that is supposed to reach the genitals is not present there, you face ED. 

  1. The effect of ED can bring you some regular ailments 

ED deals with blood and the supply of the same. This might be the effect of the density of blood, that won’t support the heart to pump the blood properly. The same can be for the fat or glucose content in the blood and hence, cholesterol and diabetes are the things that come out. These are the two regular ailments that men with ED, when not treating ED at right time, usually face. ED can be cured then, but e two ailments remain with him forever. 

  1. ED when not treated at right time can cause heart disease 

ED is directly linked with the blood transmission process. Here the blood is not transmitted to the genitals properly. The reason for such happening can be a blockage at the veins, which can be the density of the blood and can be anything else. But the effect of the same is sure to fall on the heart and its function. Therefore, the statistics state that those who are not accepting Cenforce 150 regularly and curing the ailment, soon develop ailments that are related to their heart. 

  1. ED can be sourced directly from stress

Research states that the direct source of ED is alcohol, smoking, junk foods, and lack of physical activities. However, all these are the effects of stress. Hence, stress is the indirect influencer of ED, by any means. The latest research report states that stress can even be the direct influencing agent for ED too. Stress makes a loop within your brain and blocks the brain’s functionalities. Hence, the process of erection, which is initiated by the brain, won’t start at all and you face ED. 

  1. ED can be sourced from your mind too

There is a special instance of developing ED from your mind. Usually found in young men of around 20s, this type of ED cannot be cured with Cenforce 150 too. The young men remain addicted to watching pornography and that gradually puts an impression on their mind that the erection of their genitals is then only expected when such blue scenes are sighted by him. However, that is not the case in real life and hence, the erection is not even initiated in them. 

  1. The ED drugs can be used by non-patients too 

The reviews state that ED drugs are not prescription-only drugs. This is because of the fact that they can be used by non-patients too. Those who are looking to enhance their erotic activities and elongate that for hours with a harder genital can facilitate their eroticism with the aid of the drugs. With the Cenforce 150, they can have long hours of sex and with immense eroticism. 

  1. ED spoils every one of three families of the patients 

Most recent Fildena reviews state that near to one of each three patient’s family is destroyed for the effect of ED. The reason for the same has been stated to be mostly a misconception. There is a misconception that ED is equivalent to impotency and hence is not curable. Based on that sense, the couples often think that their life is spoiled and hence separates away from each other. 

  1. ED drugs must not be used by patients above the age of 50

ED drugs must not be used by the patients or non-patients who are above the age of 50. The drugs for the treatment often put huge pressure on the heart and the brain or nerves. For the same reason, even for the men of young age, the dosage of the medicine is one tablet a day only. But that is not suitable for aged men. Their heart and nerves already remain weak and hence, they cannot bear the stress that is exerted by the drugs, naturally, they crumble down to the drug’s effect. 

  1. The biggest agent of ED is alcohol 

Alcohol is stated to be the top reason for having ED, especially among young men. Might be for lifestyle, or for habit or even addiction, men are open to consuming alcohol on regular basis. Alcohol on the path leaves sulfate sediment on the blood and the blood of the men gets polluted thus. On the other end, the impression of the sediment remains on the veins and at one time the veins are blocked. The blocked veins won’t allow blood to enter the genitals and hence you face ED. 

  1. ED is completely eradicable in two major instances

Finally, the good thing that the Fildena reviews state is about the remedy of ED. It states that during vein blockage and blood density increase, ED can be totally eradicated, if alcohol, cigarette, and junk foods can be totally avoided.


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